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Cybercorder 2000

Tips on Using Cybercorder

Cybercorder is no longer available for sale.  The following information is for reference use only.

Cybercorder 2000 can be used to record spoken audio or music.

  • Spoken Audio - Since spoken audio does not require high fidelity, a lower frequency recording format with compression (e.g., GSM) can be used to store many hours on disk. The following are examples of music recordings:

    • Talk Radio - You do not have to miss your favorite talk radio shows again. You can use the Player forward and reverse buttons to advance past uninteresting or annoying parts of the show.
    • Sports Programming - You can now record that baseball, football, or soccer game and listen to the highlights or the whole show at your leisure.
    • News and Special Events - You can use Cybercorder 2000 to record a news segment or special event, or set it to record just the part when your favorite commentator comes on.
    • Short Wave Broadcasts - Listen to your favorite shows around the world at preset times.
    • Ham Radio - Cybercorder 2000 can be used to keep a record of all ham radio talk which took place at a specified time.
    • Home Audio Monitor - Simply connect a condenser microphone to the computer microphone jack, and set the Mixer Control to record from a microphone, and Cybercorder 2000 can be used to record at preset times from the microphone.
    • Telephone Monitor - Cybercorder 2000 can be used to monitor telephone traffic which takes place at a specified time duration. It requires a cable with an adaptor on one which can be connected to the phone. A miniplug connector is needed on the other end which is connected to the sound card. You are responsible to comply with the laws in your area for any type of recording.

  • Music - Music typically requires high fidelity and thus it uses up disk space very quickly. The recommendation is to use a large hard drive, shorter recordings, or to remove/archive recordings after listening to them. Experimenting with various recording formats can also help minimize disk space, if this is an issue. The following are examples of music recordings:

    • Top Ten Countdown - You can use Cybercorder 2000 to stay up to date on music trends. Several stations broadcast a top 10 (or 20, 50, etc.) song countdown of your favorite type of music.
    • Concerts/Simulcasts - Set Cybercorder 2000 to record the simulcast and listen to it at your leisure.
    • Albums - You can use Cybercorder 2000 to record songs from an album which can later be burned on a CD.

The MP3 recording format allows you to take your recordings with you while commuting, jogging, bicycling, or exercising with the increasing availability of portable MP3 players. The Apple iPod and the RioVolt SP100 Portable CD-MP3 Player are popular players which can play Cybercorder 2000 MP3 recordings.

If you are creating audio CD's, you should record in the PCM CD quality recording format. Your CD writer software can then create an audio CD which can be listened on any CD player.

Cybercorder 2000 can also be used by radio broadcasters. It offers very reliable logging of audio broadcasts which can be automatically purged when no longer needed. Recordings can also be made for the purpose of ftp'ing them to a web site or for re-broadcast.

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