Screen Shots

Cybercorder 2000

Screen Shots

Cybercorder is no longer available for sale.  The following information is for reference use only.

The Main Window shows the list of programming events. A programming event schedules a recording to occur at a specified time and date, or to occur at the requested days of the week. A manual recording can also be requested to start right away by pressing the record button.

Main Window

Programming events can be created, modified, or cloned with the Program Form window.

Program Form

Clicking on the Recordings tab on the Main Window shows a list of recordings which have been performed.

Recordings List

A recording can be listened to using the Play window. It contains customizable forward/reverse buttons and a slider bar to advance and play a recording

Play Panel

The Disk Status window shows disk space information along with a list of the scheduled recordings.

Disk Status Form

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