Print out this form, fill in your information, and mail along with a check or money order to:

Skyhawk Technologies
3166 Neptune Drive
Riverside, CA 92503 (USA)

Customers outside the USA: please send a check for your payment in US dollars on a US bank, or in your country’s currency drawn on a bank in your country. In the latter case please apply the current exchange rates to calculate the amount necessary to equal the purchase price in US dollars. You can use this site to convert amounts.

Make sure checks or money orders are payable to Skyhawk Technologies.
Your registration code will be mailed to you on receipt of your payment.

Cybercorder 2000 Order Form.

Fill in the following information. Please print or type!:

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City ___________________________ State/Province ______ ZIP ____________

Country (if not USA) ___________________ Phone/Fax ____________________

E-Mail Address ________________________________________________________
Make sure there is a valid e-mail or mailing address so your registration code can be sent to you!

Number of Licenses at $24.95 each