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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter my registration code?

After purchasing cybercorder, you will be e-mailed the user name and registration code. Enter your registration code by performing the following steps:

  1. Click on the "REGISTER" menu item.
  2. Enter registration name and from your registration letter into the "Cybercorder Registration" window provided. Be sure to use the same capitalization and punctuation (if any) shown in the letter. Also be careful not to mistake the capital letter "O" with the number "0". Do not add any spaces prior to the beginning or after the end of the name or code.
  3. Click the "Register" button.

On playback there is no sound, even though Cybercorder 2000 seem to be working fine. Any ideas?

Try changing the recording format. If there is still no sound, the problem may be that wrong recording device is selected in your Windows mixer settings. To change the recording device, first bring up the mixer by pressing the mixer button. Then select Option, Properties. In the "Adjust Volume for" area, select Recording. This will show you all the devices you can record from, in the "Show the following volume controls:". Make sure that the device you are recording from has a check mark in it. Click on OK. At the bottom of each recording device Column, there is a check box with "Select" to the right of it. Use this to select the recording device that you want. You may want to have the recording Volume at least half way up.

How do I record MP3?

Select the "MPEG-Layer 3" recording format, if it is available, when starting or programming a recording. Click here for complete information on obtaining the MP3 format and recording.

How do I record from the Internet?

You can record from the Internet if your sound card can record from the play stream. You can determine whether you can record from the internet by setting up to record from the internet as described below, and performing a short manual test recording. If your sound card does not support recording of the Play stream, try to download the latest drivers from the sound card manufacturer.

Set the Windows Mixer to record from the Internet as follows:

  1. Click on the mixer button in Cybercorder
  2. Select the Options/Properties menu
  3. Select "Recording"
  4. Click on the OK button. This should bring up the "Record Control".
  5. Select "Line Out", "Wave", "Record Out", "What You Hear", or "Stereo Mix" depending on your sound card. If you do not see any of these, try them all EXCEPT for CD, Mic, Line-In, and Midi. Also make sure the recording volume is at a sufficient level; you can try the half way level at first.
When playing something from the internet, the play volume does make a difference in the recording. Make sure the player is not muted. When playing back a recording, make sure the streaming audio player is NOT playing, otherwise the playback will not work.

Manual Recording. While the internet broadcast is playing, start a manual recording for the desired duration.

Programmed Recording. You can program Cybercorder to automatically start playing an internet broadcast when the recording starts. Select the "Launch Internet link prior to recording" checkbox in the Program Form and enter the URL in the corresponding text box. You can specify the number of seconds (120 max) prior to recording to give the browser enough time to launch the URL. If your system is configured to automatically dial up your Internet Service Provider, you may want allow enough time for the modem to connect.

Why can't I get it to display the AM or PM in the settings?

Bring up the Microsoft Windows Control Panel and select Regional settings. Then select the Time tab. The AM and PM symbols should display "AM" and "PM" respectively.

Can Cybercorder 2000 be used to record phone conversations?

Even though Cybercorder 2000 is not a voice activated software, there two ways you can use it to record. First you will have to get an adapter that goes from the phone line to a tape recorder. Connect the tape recorder end to the input ("Line In") jack of your sound card.

  1. MANUAL RECORD: When the conversation starts, press the manual record button. When it completes, press the stop button. This creates a recording per conversation that you want to record.
  2. AUTO RECORD: Set up a recording program starting at midnight for a duration of 24 hours which is the maximum allowed. Also set it up to record every day of the week. This will create one long recording for each day of the week. You can then use 3rd party software like CoolEdit to graphically view where the conversations are at.

When I try to record, I get an "Error opening wave input file" error and it immediately stops recording. Any suggestions?

Here are a few things you can try:

  1. If you are using version 1.0, please upgrade to a later version. Version 1.0 has a bug handling directory names with a space character. For example, version 1.0 prefers using "MyRecordingFolder" instead of "My Recording Folder".
  2. Try a short recording using the Windows Sound Recorder. If it does not record using Sound Recorder, there is probably a configuration problem with sound card drivers or the Windows sound system. If the Sound Recorder works, proceed with the other suggestions below, otherwise you will need to get the sound system working using your computer manual. (The Windows Sound Recorder can be found at Start Button / Accessories / Entertainment or Multimedia / Sound Recorder).
  3. Go under View/Options in Cybercorder and verify the "Recording Folder" in the Recording tab. Verify that it is a valid folder. You may want to even press the Modify button and select a folder again. Also, check that the disk drive where the folder resides has enough space and is writable. You may also want to try selecting a recording folder at a different disk drive if this does not solve the problem. As described in item 1 above, make sure there are no spaces in the folder name.
  4. Use just the PCM format when first trying to get Cybercorder to work. Then gradually try other formats once you have it working

Will Cybercorder 2000 run with Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10?

It will work with the following 2 limitations:

  1. 1) The Mixer button no longer launches the Windows Mixer. Besides, the Windows Mixer works differently in Windows Vista later. Fortunately, the work-around is simple. You can set the recording source and mixer settings by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the Windows system tray.
  2. 2) Because of licensing reasons, Microsoft removed the MP3 codec since Windows Vista. If you want MP3, you will need to record as a WAV file and later convert it to MP3.

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