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Revision History
Version 1.4 Revision 3
Fixed Revision 2 issue where the date is not interpreted correctly in locations which use the DD/MM/YYYY format. .

Version 1.4 Revision 2
This version fixes several bugs including the following:
  • Fixed "General extraction error Location IMP1" error which occurs upon conflict with other software such as SpyCatcher.
  • Fixed stopping early of low data rate recordings (e.g., GSM).
  • Fixed "Error activating mixer profile" error which occurs with some Nvidia sound card drivers.
  • Fixed Type Mismatch errors which occur when using certain Short date formats in Regional Options.
  • Adjusted the minimum Purge Days setting to 1 day from 3 days.
  • Fixed the "Illegal operation" and "invalid page fault" errors which may occur in some configurations upon start of program.
  • Fixed the "Warn when disk has" up/down control in Disk Options.
  • Fixed the problem where the software responds to joystick commands even though the joystick option is turned off.
  • Fixed the problem where the Suspended mode does not suspend the launching of an external application or Internet link.
  • Fixed "Can't find database ..." errors which can occur if certain database components are not present in Windows.
  • Provided a method to have unique recording descriptions for daily programs after the recording is made.

Version 1.4 Revision 1
We switched to a new registration system since there were several issues with the registration software that we were using. If you received a registration software code prior to November 10, 2003 and you are using this version or later, contact us at support@skyhawktech.com to obtain a new registration key, free of charge.

Version 1.4 Revision 0
A few minor features/fixes were added:
Allows you to set the manual default recording length (instead of being fixed to one hour)
Optional icon in task bar which shows the elapsed recording time
Test button to test the internet URL
Fixed bug where systems without a C: drive can not launch the browser for internet recordings
Made a bit easier for someone to figure out how to record in MP3
Added option to not display splash screen at startup.
Minor (mostly cosmetic) bug fixes

Version 1.3
It contains several bug fixes including the problem where the last two or three seconds in a low bit-rate recording are truncated. This fix also allows very short recordings to be made.
Mixer Profiles – You can save mixer settings as a profile. A mixer profile can be automatically activated prior to or after a programmed recording. This ensures the recordings will occur with the correct mixer settings.
Recording Lists – These work the same as play lists in audio players. You can save a list of recordings for later retrieval. Additionally, there is now the capability to add a single file to the current recordings list.
You can set up Cybercorder 2000 to automatically hang up a modem connection and/or close the streaming player once the recording is complete.
Joystick Activation - A four button joystick can be used to start, stop, pause, and resume a recording. This feature can be used by radio broadcasters who wish to control recording with the microphone on/off switch.
There is an option to not automatically delete one-time programs after they expire.
There is an option to remove the confirmation window when stopping a recording.
Explore & Copy to Clipboard - You can easily bring up the Windows explorer which points at the selected recorded file's folder. Similarly, you can copy a filename of a selected recording to the Windows clipboard for cut and paste operations (e.g., for transfer to a portable MP3 player).
Recording and Stopping of Recordings using the keyboard. You can start, stop, pause, and resume using a single control key sequence. For example the CTRL-R automatically starts a 3 hour recording without a confirmation window.

Version 1.2
BUG FIX: Manually stopping a daily program recording (e.g., M-F 3-4PM) may cause Cybercorder to miss recordings in some cases.
Cybercorder 2000 creates WAV files which are fully compatible with 3rd party software such as MP3 encoders and CD-R software.
BUG FIX: Disk usage is not reported accurately for large drives
More keyboard friendly.
Uninstall menu
Option to remove Cybercorder from Startup folder
Record .MP3 files and auto convert MP3 files
Play Form allow actual record time

Version 1.1
Purge Old Recordings
Windows Splash Screen duplicate 2000
Fixed Confirm long recordings bug.

Version 1.0
Initial Version

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